The standard WPA/PEAP is the protocol to connect to the wireless network of UNIVPM. This protocol is supported by most wireless cards and operating systems currently available.

Before connect to wireless, you need to configure your laptop according to the instructions availables on this page.

Credentials that you must use to logon to network are the same used to logon to reserverd area of UNIVPM. The username is S+[number] (ex: S123456) and password is assigned by staff. You can change your password on reserved area of UNIVPM portal (www.univpm.it).

If you have a problem, you can send an email to wireless@univpm.it or open a ticket on helpdesk platform (http://helpdesk.studenti.univpm.it).

How to configure laptop

Windows 7/8

Installation of Univpm SSL certificate

Download the SSL certificate from Ce.S.M.I. website (direct link to file), right-click on the file to procede with the installation.

1. Click on Install certificate

2. Click the Next button

3. Click on Place all certificates in the following store and then Browse

4. Click on Trusted root certification authorities and then Ok

5. Click the Nexti button

6. Click the Finish button

7. Confirm the installation of certificate and then click the Ok button

Wireless connection setup

1. Click on Control Panel

2. Click on Network and Sharing Center

3. Click the Set up a new connection or network item

4. Select Manually connect to a wireless network then click the Next button.

5. Enter the details of the wireless network as below, check Start this connection automatically and click Next

6. Click the Change connection settings box

7. On Security tab 8. Click the Settings button

9. In the Protected EAP Properties window:

10. On Select Authentication Method select EAP-MSCHAP v2

11. Click the Configure button

12. Uncheck Automatically use my Windows Logon name and password (and domain if any), then click the Ok button

13. Click the Ok button again

14. Click the Advanced settings button

15. Select User authentication on Specify Authentication mode

16. Click the Save

17. Insert Credentials on logon window

Mac OS X
To use wireless connection with Mac OS X, perform the following operations:

1. Click on Airport icon on desktop menu of the system

2. If available the Turn airport on item on Airport menu, confirm the activation of wireless card

3. Click on WiFi@UnivPM

4. Insert username (ex: S123456) and password

5. During the wireless connection, click the Continue button and confirm the validity of the certificate


1. From the Home screen go to Settings then touch Wireless & Networks

2. Touch Wi-Fi settings

3. If Wi-Fi is not enabled, touch Wi-Fi to enable wireless networking on your device.

4. Now, you should now see a list of networks on the screen

5. Touch WiFi@UnivPM

6. On EAP method select PEAP

7. On Phase 2 authentication select MSCHAPV2

8. Enter your username on field Identity